Season 1: The Many Facets of DACA

Season 1 Trailer

After what seems like an eternity, we are so excited to share this trailer with you! Stay tuned for upcoming stories of DACAmented individuals, coming soon.

What is DACA, with Jennifer Fuentes Langi

Meet Jennifer, a local Salt Lake City immigration attorney. In this episode, Jennifer explains the legalities of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, most commonly known as DACA. She helps us understand how DACA came to be, what it is, what it is not, and its legal standing today. This episode gives us the detailed explanation of DACA needed to discuss its implications in future episodes.


Meet Alonso, the caffeine-dependent Director of the Dream Center at the University of Utah. In this episode, Alonso shares stories about his experience as a Peruvian DACAmented individual, who was raised by a fierce single mother. Alonso discusses how he supports undocumented students in higher education and his research around undocumented workers and students.


Meet Ciriac, a community advocate and poet, who fights for children’s healthcare by day. In this episode, Ciriac discusses her journey into immigrant rights and the importance of policy in the DACA era. Ciriac shares her future goals of practicing law, holding policy makers accountable, and changing policy for the betterment of the undocumented community.


Meet Marifer, a future immigration attorney, who has infinite love for her parents, siblings and cute nephew. In this episode, Marifer shares her experience with family separation and how being DACAmented influenced her mental health. Marifer gets vulnerable about therapy, her anxiety, healing, and her journey to becoming the beautiful person she is today.


Meet Andre, a plant loving, truth-telling Kween! In this episode, Andre gets real about why he delayed applying for DACA, the impact it had on him and what it is like to be in a mixed status family. Andre dives deep into his struggle with mental health, his work with Autistic children, his identity in relation to DACA and how fabulous he truly is!

Manny & Yishay

Meet Manny & Yishay, a former youth pastor and an engineer who are partners in everything from love and faith to immigration status. In this episode, Manny & Yishay discuss what it has been like to be married to the love of their life, the instability of remaining DACAmented without a clear resolve and their future plans. In this emotion-filled episode, Yishay & Manny open up about conversations with friends with differing political views and we learn more about the complexities of existing in a mixed status family.