Show Solidarity for Migrant Families in Utah

A message from Amy and Fab:

“Our vision for this podcast was derived from the work we’ve done through the Salt Lake organization, La Red de Solidaridad. As a whole, La Red and its members provide immediate support to individuals being persecuted by ICE. Through our fundraising, community rides, food deliveries and many ICE check ups, our love for our community has grown exponentially. As a direct action, we ask that you donate financially to La Red because proceeds only go towards people and their families. There is no overhead, no salaries and you can trust that the money collected will always go directly to those affected. We wholeheartedly trust La Red and we actively stay involved. Below you will find more information about La Red and the families we hold near to our heart. Everything helps and if we do this together, we can impact someone’s life greatly.”

Maria faced deportation in 2017. She is the mother of 4 child. She filmed this video from Guatemala. To read more about Maria’s story click here.

Who we are and what we do:

The Red de Solidaridad is a community group in Utah that supports immigrant families and individuals being targeted by ICE. When possible, we help by delivering groceries, arranging transportation or child care, fundraising money for expenses including rent and legal fees. In addition to other familial needs, we support families by offering resources for community organizing and advocacy.

The Red is completely volunteer run and any money we raise goes directly to supporting families. We have no big funders. We rely entirely on small donations from people like you. By becoming a monthly donor you can help us, help families. Your donation is tax-deductible.

Make your donation via our fiscal sponsor, Alliance for Global Justice (make sure to select ‘recurring donation’).

For local/in-kind/cash donations, please email

To learn more about La Red and the families they work with, visit their website. Get in touch with them by following them on Facebook and Twitter or emailing them at

Reyna is a mother of 3 young children. She continues to face persecution by ICE.
Vicky and her two daughters are currently in Sanctuary in Salt Lake City, UT. They await an answer regarding Vicky’s asylum case. To learn more about Vicky’s story click here.